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“In 25 years of visiting India I have never had a hotel experience like this …” - by newyorkanya, New York.

“the Bangala is, in a sense, a private house passing itself off as a hotel...”

- "Five Hotels That Get Five Stars" by Guy Trebay in New York times Dec’2011.

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The Bangala Table: Flavors and Recipes from Chettinad.

The Bangala Table - Flavors and Recipes from Chettinad is a real feast for the senses.

This beautiful volume, consisting of a must-have collection of 150 vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes and sumptuous photographs, is a necessary addition to the discerning home chef's library and a pleasure to behold. Try your hand at the subtle traditions of Chettinad cuisine and nostalgic 'butler' cuisine, learn, experiment with the help of this visually stunning book.

The Bangala Table is based on recipes from The Bangala, a boutique luxury hotel in the heart of Chettinad and a favorite culinary destination for chefs and gourmands from across the world.

You'll find classic treats such as Chettinad Mutton Fry, Chettinad Chicken Pepper Masala and Quail 65 Crab Rasam to Anglo-Indian Mutton Cutlets, a Chettiar version of the vegetarian Tamil staple Vatha Kozhambu to Brussels Sprouts Masala Poriyal Pineapple Curry to Prawn Biryani; as well as the Chettiar vegetarian specialty Mandis to more familiar Pachadis and the list goes on.

The Bangala Table is a painstakingly compiled volume that celebrates the rich culture, history and the incomparable flavors of Chettinad cuisine.

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