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Explore the Chettinad terrain.

Legend has it that displaced from their port city on the Bay of Bengal around the 13th Century, the Chettiars moved to this dry and arid area in the deep south of Tamilnadu that is now known as Chettinad. Little is known about the intervening period from then to about the 17th Century. But being an extremely successful and resourceful mercantile community, they steadily prospered. By the 17th Century their ventures had lead them, as far away as Calcutta and Banaras.

However their truly golden days were in 18th & 19th Centuries, when they followed the British overseas to their colonies in Burma, Malaysia, Singapore and Ceylon and even went as far as Vietnam and Indonesia. With their keen business instinct, they were fully involved in the economic development of these countries. Over these years they amassed huge fortunes which they sent home to Chettinad. This funded the Building of palatial homes on an astonishing size, scale and architecture, not seen any where else. This is their legacy to us / of Chettinad.

From Pudukottai to Pasumpom Muthuramalingam and Sivaganga districts the Chettinad region stretches roughly 80 square kilometers and comprises seventy six villages. Rich in cultural heritage, cuisine, art and architecture the region is a must visit for every serious traveller.

The Chettiar Heritage

A documentation for posteriety of the Chettinad culture and heritage- by the promoters of The Bangala.


Chicken Chettinad

An authentic recipe from the Chettiars to help you sample their fiery cooking style even before you try it at The Bangala.


Beyond words

Over the years our guests have honoured us with some very kind words on our service and the stay. One of our guests simply created a beautiful illustration instead of just mere words. Click on image for enlarged view.



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